The Sound of Oneness

Breathe for Peace is a multidimensional international peace project that will make the global peace community audible and tangible through the sound of people actively breathing together.

Each person is recorded individually. The sound of the different breathing rhythms is synchronized with all the other participants and set to music that complements the theme of each piece.

Through the help of enlightened audio editing the of the breath recordings are then synchronized together into a beautiful and uplifting sound of oneness. We are in the last steps of the production and the music will be released in the spring of 2017.

The recording process is easy and very enjoyable. It is done through simply following a guided meditation, a prayer on world peace. During that meditation people are instructed to breathe in nine carefully selected ways and sing one tone. The unique sound of your breath and voice is recorded. The process has been well tested and it is designed so that everybody can do it!

Each participants’ name will be added to the list and published with the CD and on the internet site to build a community.

Breathing for peace is fun, powerful and enlightening.

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