I ask all over the planet in my work what do you enjoy more than anything else and everyone I ever talk to says the same thing: what they enjoy more than anything else is giving compassionately to others, that means giving willingly from one’s heart.  And when one gives in that energy it’s hard to tell the giver from the receiver – which to me confirms our oneness.
Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg Founder of Non-Violent Communication

There is only one of us – we are all one.

Imagine a world in which human beings feel one with each other… how would that change the way we live? The eyes of oneness are the eyes you are looking out of, and into.

The context of oneness:
We are sharing one planet and what happens in one spot has an effect everywhere else. We now realize that if we want to live a good life over here we have to take care of everybody else too.

The field of oneness:
We are part of one energy system that is inseparable. Our beings send and receive energy-waves that are unstoppable and form one global energy grid. Those are facts.

The field of oneness is build by people who consciously make the daily choice to live that realization in every realm of life. As this field grows, it will be easier for more and more people to realize oneness.

The feeling of oneness:
Oneness is not just a cold existential fact. Oneness is our connection to aliveness, to the flow of life, to an endless overflowing well, to a dynamic feeling of bliss, to the juice of life…

Love is oneness lived.

In tuning into that basic feeling of oneness we open up the flow of love and aliveness between each other that allows us to transcend and integrate anything that comes up.

We feel how others feel… Oneness is what is… Oneness is what’s so…

If you somehow feel that you are one with all human beings – even though you might not know how to live it or express it – please join us in “Breathing for Peace”.

Everybody breathes! Breath connects us all!

You breathe if you are old or young.
You breathe if you are rich or poor.
You breathe if you are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or of any other religion.
You breath if you are an Atheist or Buddhist.

It doesn’t matter what color your skin is: you breathe.
It doesn’t matter if you are famous or nobody: you breathe.

And when you stop breathing you leave this life…

Imagine the sound of 1000’s of people from all over the world breathing together in unison combined with the sound of world music as a vibrant community that stands for peace and cooperation.

Listen here to the sound of oneness!

Daniel Hirtz

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